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Filmic Tape for Packaging and Tin Sealing (4205)

Filmic Tape for Packaging and Tin Sealing enquiry

This product is an elastic polypropylene backing coated with a natural rubber adhesive. The tape is ideal for bag and box sealing and for sealing tobacco, tea or coffee bags. 4205 is easy to handle due to the silent and constant unwind behaviour. Application is possible using many common dispensers. The high elasticity of the film qualifies 4205 for sealing tins and cans since it conforms exactly to the contours of the packaging.

Material: Polypropylene / Mopp

General Purpose Masking Tape (4323)

General Purpose Masking Tape enquiry

The TESA 4323 is a finely creped paper masking tape with a natural rubber adhesive. This product is suitable for general purpose applications: masking, holding, sealing, fixing, light duty packaging etc.

Material: Paper

High-Temperature Masking Tape (50600)

High-Temperature Masking Tape enquiry

The TESA 50600 is a high-temperature masking tape featuring a green polyester backing with a silicone adhesive. The tape is easy to apply with temperature resisting up to 220°C/428°F(30min.).

Material: Polyester

High-Temperature Masking Tape (442)

High-Temperature Masking Tape enquiry

442 is a polyester film, single coated with a silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is resistant to components used in varnish dipping, epoxy resin coatings and adhesives; it can withstand long periods of heat up to 180ºC and short periods up to 200ºC for 20 minutes and its red colour enables easy splice identification.

Colours = Blue & Red.

Material: Polyester Film

Polythene Tape (1401)

Polythene Tape enquiry

A polyethylene based tape with a moderately high adhesion, pressure sensitive adhesive. Application; 1401 is ideal for sealing tins and containers. Being polyethylene based it provides an exceptional moisture barrier on sealed containers and its high elongation and elastic memory ensure a close conformity to the profile of the container. 1401 is also suitable for use as a splicing tape, particularly with polythene webs.

Material: Polythene


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